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Building a Capsule Net in Excel

Capsule networks are possibly the biggest advance in neural network design in the last decade. They appear to mimic the human brain far more than convolutional neural networks and move us significantly closer to artificial general intelligence. As a step towards demystifying these new algorithms I’ve built one on-sheet in...

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Lectures on Capsule Networks, AI and Finance

In the second half of 2018, I gave several lectures in the areas of Capsule Networks, AI and Finance. I’ve not really spoken much in public since the ‘80s, when I was a keen debater and my self-aggrandizing urges got me reasonably high rankings in the World Debating Championship and...

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Building Convolutional Neural Networks in Excel

This blog relates to work I’ve done in Excel to build a handwritten digit classifier; basically, a spreadsheet that can read handwriting up to human levels of accuracy. This required a convolutional neural network - the engine behind just about all machine learning related to images. I’m unaware of anyone...

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